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In addition to some IT help with our computer users and sever, I assisted with the execution of a new company website. I created content for the blog, social media websites, and the newsletter for our marketing efforts in conjunction with our Google Adwords campaign.

Excerpt from blog post titled: "How to Lubricate Your Roots Blower"
It is essential to keep your blower oiled for optimal performance. Howden Root’s Operation manual states, “Proper Lubrication is usually the most important single consideration in obtaining maximum service life and satisfactory operation from the unit.”
R&M Equipment Service shop has made this video to provide our customers with simple one-on-one instruction on lubricating your blower. In this video we are working with a Roots URAI blower in both the horizontal and vertical orientations. Below is a breakdown of the step by step process for proper lubrication. Please contact us if you have additional questions, our Service Department can help you with lubrication issues on any type of Roots blower.
Excerpt from blog post: "Standard Vibration Test for Blower Packages"
R&M preforms a vibration test for standard blower packages
This is a video of a full load vibration test of an R&M Equipment Company standard fully assembled blower package. We are using a Howden Roots 616 RAM blower and a 125HP drive motor operating at a system pressure of 10 PSIG. This test allows us to verify that all of the equipment is aligned properly, leveled and that the supporting structure is sufficiently designed to operate this equipment in a continuous application.
High vibration levels can lead to blower damage. It is important to have a well built package and properly install the package to maintain low vibration levels. It is also recommended to monitor vibration levels on a regular basis. Should you have a sudden or drastic increase in vibration, please contact us with questions as this indicates a problem.
Below is a sample from the first newsletter sent out to customers.
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